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Talk the talk!!

Posted on Friday 19th September 2014

Since my return to work 2 weeks ago after paternity leave - life has been busy! My Massages have been coming thick and fast. The Neuro Linguistic Programming therapy (NLP) continues to move forward with a client successfully working towards his aim to stop smoking.  And, I have very kindly been asked by St Johns Ambulance in North Walsham to talk about my services to ten of their younger members. This will be an hour talk covering key aspects of NLP, Massage and Reiki. This will be a new positive challenge for me although I do have experience from previous occupations of talks and presentations to groups. Watch this space over the coming weeks to see how this develops and how the presentation goes.

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Monday 31st October 2016

Every Wednesday from 2 November 2016 8.00 am to 2.00 pm.

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