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Sub Acute

Contrast bathing

  Day 3-4 Day 5-6 Day 7-8
Cold 4 mins 2 mins -
Hot 1 min 2 mins 4 mins
Cold 4 mins 2 mins 1 min
Hot 1 min 2 mins 4 mins
Cold 4 mins 2 mins 1 min
Hot - - 4 mins

Day 3-4 Start and end on a cold treatment
Day 5-6 Start and end on a cold treatment
Day 7-8 Start and end on a hot treatment

From day 3 providing there is no significant heat at the injured area, minimal swelling, some range of pain free movement please use the table above. This alternating procedure should last for 25-35 minutes preferably 3 times per day. Please keep the affected area moving during the contrast bathing. Stretching and range of movement work will now need to be considered.

Best practice

It is vital to regularly reflect and review self awareness in the way daily activities are completed. This may be looking at posture whilst completing simple tasks like vacuuming and gardening to holding sporting equipment and the technique required to achieve best results.   

Movement exercises

Considering daily lifestyle activities, it is possible to establish regular patterns of movement. This can be central to the development of stiff muscles and postural issues. By moving the body in different ways will offer balance, adaptability, durability and consistency for in future.  

What am I looking for?

- Muscle tone 

- Symptoms

- Function

As these indicators improve during the recovery phases, I can monitor the progress being made. 

Please contact me for specific advice.