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Massage Introduction Course

Posted on Friday 7th September 2018

Introduction Course Weekend Teaching

So, after the sweat, tears, excitement and euphoria for students (2017/8) completing their massage Diploma level 4, we start again!

The massage “Introduction course” begins tomorrow and will see me working with 12 new candidates. This crop are a mixture of both men and women this time. This is a single weekend and samples the basic massage skills which can be used on friends and family. It provides a platform for suitable learners to progress onto the Diploma which starts next month in October.

It will be lovely to meet a new group of people who are looking to embark on the lifechanging massage journey. To be able to go through the course this year and soley concentrate on the students and consolidate my own teaching learning with Kit will be great.

Breakdown of the day

Day 1

There will be Massage theory

The importance of touch

Self healing

Creating the right environment

Sensitivity of clothing removal


Body awareness

Hand massage

Lossening and shaking

Relaxation and lying down


Massage practical

Posture awareness and stance

Contact and oiling strokes


Day 2

Levels of massage – acknowledging, balancing and healing

Looking at contra-indications to massage / massage pathology

Systems of the body

Physiological and psychological benefits to massage


Body awareness

Body jazz

Self awareness of tension



Massage practical

Long and short kneading strokes

Pushing and pulling

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