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New Year - New you?

Posted on Wednesday 3rd February 2016

New Year – New you?

A big thank you once again to all my customers throughout 2015.

January 2016 is well underway – how well are you, family and friends dealing with:

New Year resolutions?

Your health and wellbeing in general?

Sometimes by now the wheels start to come off the well laid plans that were set in place at the end of  last year.  So what do I do now?

Remember - what is always important is to specifically identify what aspect it is in your life that you would like to change. It is then key to want to make that change, to have the motivation and determination to do something about it.

From experience, these elements can significantly influence a good life balance:

-          Posture awareness and good technique

-          Exercise

-          Rest

-          Healthy diet

-          Regular Sports massage and complimentary therapy

-          (NLP) Coaching – “A goal to aim for!”

So many times I hear of people talking about having a Sports massage or taking (NLP) Coaching and not acting upon this. Yet, they continue to complain about the same issues and do absolutely nothing about it. If you baked a cake and it was awful would you continue to use the same ingredients? If your car continued to struggle to start would you leave it unrepaired? If you walked down a road which you later realised was a dead end – would you continue to take it in future? You see where I am coming from - right.

If  life is lethergic, boring, frustrating, restricted and painful  – maybe you can benefit from moving away from this negativity and look to put a plan in place to achieve your goals and a more fulfilling life.       

Please give me a call on 01603 414740 to discuss any matters relating to Sports massage or (NLP) Coaching. This could be for you or maybe someone you think would benefit.  It could just kick start, well……whatever you want.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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