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Holistic Massage has been developed as an antidote to the trials and stresses of modern day life. Using traditional massage strokes such as kneading, stretching and feathering, Holistic Massage recognises the importance of a healthy body and mind. Aiming to treat both at the same time, Holistic Massage leaves you feeling both wonderfully relaxed and invigorated.

With each new patient I will take a consultion with the emphasis on the individuals needs.  The most suitable techniques will be used to suit each session, and it is unlikely that any treatment will ever be the same. Advice and feedback can be provided as stepping stones to assist with patient development if a course of therapy is appropriate. Alternatively, if a simple one off therapy is preferred this is available too.    

The Massage sessions are provided in the warm and comfortable environment of Anglia Chiropractic in Norwich. Treatment can also be provided in the more familiar surroundings of your own home in the Norwich and Norfolk region. This is to offer more choice and flexibility depending on the individual circumstances.

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