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With its many benefits Sports Massage is in no way exclusive to athletes. An injury or ongoing day to day ailment can also be treated effectively. An important part of treatment focuses on posture and body alignment. I can analyse a person's posture and accurately identify which areas of the body require treatment. This helps to regain the body's natural balance, improving posture and gait, which in turn builds muscle tone and confidence. Such treatment is a platform to moving towards making one feel healthier, stronger, less stressed and less prone to injury due to improved flexibility, strength and balance.

Sports Massage can provide appropriate treatment to sportspersons before and after an event or competition. Using specialised techniques, possible injuries can be identified and treated before they reach the point of damage. In this way, Sports Massage is a preventative method, which helps an athlete to stay fit and healthy during training.

The Sports Massage sessions are provided in the warm and comfortable environment of Anglia Chiropractic in Norwich. Treatment can also be provided in the more familiar surroundings of your own home in the Norwich and Norfolk region. This is to offer more choice and flexibility depending on the individual circumstances.

The initial session begins with a thorough consultation. This enlightens my understanding of the position which the client has presented with. 

I can then offer:

I can offer treatment in response to:

I also provide the following:

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