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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Lifestyle Coaching?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s.

Using our five senses we all create an opinion of the world. These are our unique life experiences and they can be good and bad. By becoming aware and understanding our own behaviour, we are able to reflect and make changes. Using key NLP techniques we can create positive experiences which will ultimately improve our health and well being.

The NLP sessions are provided in the warm and comfortable environments of Anglia Chiropractic and Highball in Norwich.

Therapy can be completed on a 1-2-1 basis and also in a group enviroment. I am running group courses throughout the year which offer opportunities to learn more on specific subjects. This is excellent chance to meet people in a similar boat and can act as a motivation and referral. Perhaps you may meet a friend for life.

So make that change today: 

Move Forward - Resolve challenges - Achieve ambition - Enjoy Life!

   Do any of these sound familiar?

- “I wish I could lose weight”.

- “I want to stop smoking”.

- “I feel stressed and anxious”.

- “I lack motivation”.

- “My fears and phobias limit my lifestyle”.

- "I have no confidence".

- "I cannot start or manage relationships".

   Unsure how to resolve your challenges?

- You are in a routine that never seems to change.

- Cannot take the steps needed to resolve the issues.

- Feel emotional, trapped and no-one understands.

   NLP helps you to:

- Understand how your individual symptoms occur.

- Increase awareness of yourself.

- Stop old negative behaviour.

- Create new positive behaviour.

- Monitor and manage your development.

Using a range of very effective NLP techniques fast and long lasting changes will take place.

What are people saying about my NLP sessions?

Lorraine - Sports Therapist - Aim: Weight loss

"I came to see James for NLP with the hope of weight loss. After the 1st session James had helped me identify the triggers and old habits I had adopted over the years. I had three sessions and these gave me the tools to use when I felt like neglecting the diet and returning to the old ways. After 6 weeks I had dropped a dress size and I am able to control my sweet treats."

Phillipa - Aim: Relieve stress

"Thank you to James for sharing  a variety of different techniques to help me deal with stress. A combination of keen listening with insightful identification of key triggers had made a massive impact. The persistent pain that I was holding in my neck and shoulders has significantly reduced. I feel a calmer and more relaxed person. NLP was definately worth the time and money."

James - Builder - Aim: Give up Smoking

"Attended 2 sessons of NLP in the hope of giving up smoking. It has been a good success, and have broke the day to day habit of smoking. James was easy to talk to and would recommend trying a session in helping with positive life changes."

Laura Cook - Norwich - Aged 23 – Aim: Reduce fear of spiders

"I began my NLP sessions with James in September. I felt I needed to do something about my phobia of spiders as it had gotten worse. I had a panic attack one evening when I returned home to find a spider on my stair way. This was when I realized I have to do something before it continues to controls my life. I did not know what to expect from NLP but I went into it with an open mind.

After my first session I felt able to control my fear a bit better. James taught me to think of the spider in different ways which involved visualizing the spider and changing it in my head.

In my second session we worked on the feelings I had when I saw a spider and managed to control these in different ways. I had a spider in my house (on the stairs again). I did not feel that scared feeling I had before. I stopped to think and was able to catch this spider using a tin and removed it. I would not have been able to go near a spider before NLP, I would have frozen and had a panic attack.

In my third session we worked on how I feel when removing spiders, as I felt nervous doing this. James asked me visualize a moment in my life where I felt strong, we worked on this feeling and adopted it to seeing a spider. This helped me to think of spiders confidently without fear so I could deal with them when I next saw one. I have had 3 sessions in total which has enabled me to control my fear and my feelings around spiders. I’m very grateful to James as I am now able to come home without the fear of their being a spider in the house. Instead I am confident and comfortable in my home."