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Joseph Ketteringham - (Sports Massage) - Norwich

Regional Marketing Manager

I started seeing James in 2010 because of neck, shoulder and back pain.


My issues were caused for a number of reasons. I can be sat in the office working for long hours and part of my job involves regular travel on the train .

Socially I play competitive Tennis at County level and since turning 35 this has definitely become more difficult.


James quickly identified and carefully treated the specific areas to work on to help relieve my pain during a short course of therapy.


As a result of my treatment James has helped to improve my movement and strength.

He has improved my posture, self awareness and provided ongoing advice for changes to my day to day activities.

I still play tennis and work long hours. Seeing James every 6 weeks now for treatment and ongoing advice gives me the confidence to put my body through the stresses and strains of life. The massages he provides keep the build up of tension in my body under control.


Seeing James has given me the platform to leave my old bad habits behind and to continue to use new ideas to get the most from my busy lifestyle.


Stan Olson - (Sport Massage) - Norwich

Maintainence Engineer


Stan had been complaining of overuse pain and discomfort to the Rotator Cuff' muscles. (Which affects all movement of the Shoulder and helps to stablise the joint).

I have had problems with my right shoulder for years. After a short course of treatment and rehabilitation specifically for my shoulder, I have no pain and full range of movement.

Treatment covered over 5 sessions

  • Checking the range of movement in the shoulder for restrictions.
  • Massage with advanced techniques to specific muscles in the shoulder, neck and upper torso.
  • Cold bathing and contrast bathing (hot and cold) to reduce inflammation and assist movement.
  • Stretching the muscles to re-align fibres and increase movement.
  • Strengthening the muscles to prevent re-occurance.
  • Managing the client throughout : made aware of posture, the need to stretch and strengthen as appropriate.


  • No pain in the shoulder or referred pain elsewhere. 
  • Full range of movement. 
  • Good posture awareness and self management.


Kate Goddard MCSP - (Massage) - Norwich

Neurological Physiotherapist

Therapeutic massage has been of benefit to several of my clients with long term neurological deficit resulting from head injury and stroke. The damage to the central nervous system leads to disruption of movement and muscle tone resulting in tight and stiff spastic muscles, which give pain, further restriction of movement and interfere with posture and function.

The massage, alongside active exercise and regular stretches has helped these clients to experience reduction in muscle stiffness, allowing improved range of movement, posture and levels of discomfort.

As a neurological Physiotherapist I would consider massage as a useful treatment adjunct to help alleviate the problems of muscle tightness after brain injury.

Joyce - Massage - Norwich

The massage experience in a poem

Healing hands, easing muscles, easing pain,
making life worthwhile again,
Standing straight, standing tall,
Bending, stretching, you will do it all

In time you will feel like someone new,
A new beginning, a newer you,
Keep on going, don't give in,
It all takes time, but soon you'll win!

Lorraine - (NLP) - Norwich

Sport Therapist

I came to see James for NLP with the hope of weight loss. After the 1st session James had helped me identify the triggers and old habits I had adopted over the years. I had three sessions and these gave me the tools to use when I felt like neglecting the diet and returning to the old ways. After 6 weeks I had dropped a dress size and i'm still able to control my sweet treats.

Ben - (Sport Massage) - Norwich

Fund Raiser & Hand Cyclist

Being disabled, my arms are the key to keeping me mobile, especially when I am training for an event. Having treatments with James prevent aches and pains. This helps me to perform to my top level and enjoy my event.

Kirsty - (Reiki) - Norwich

Ambulance Technician

Reiki with James has made me much calmer, centered and relaxed. I have tried many other alternative therapies over the last 6 years for chronic headaches and Reiki has reduced the severity of my headaches. Each treatment has been a different physical experience, you never know how your body will react. Being fully clothed during the treatment means it also feels less invasive, more holistic. I advise everyone to give it a try.

Pauline - (Sport Massage) - Norwich


James has been treating me for a chronic back injury that I acquired 21 years ago. He has always been professional and caring. Without his help I would be struggling to remain active.

I mainly use his home visit service but on occasions I have attended his clinic both of which offer very good value when compared to other therapists. Significantly his results are outstanding. Thankyou James.

Jarus Clark - (Sport Massage) - Norwich

James sorted my back and shoulders out extremely well. He listened to my problems and identified the epicentre of the problems and relieved the pain. I would recommend him to anyone for back, shoulder and neck problems. Thanks again, you have done an excellent job.

Ricky - (Sport Massage) - Hull

A really big thank you to James – without you pal I don’t think I could have done my job – Thank  you so much for your patience with me, very much appreciated – All the very best.